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Simple Car Seat Safety

Driver's Little Helper is a car seat monitor that works with any car seat and syncs with your smartphone to provide key alerts about the comfort and safety of your child.

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Driver’s Little Helper keeps you informed with key alerts, so you can ensure the comfort and safety of your child.


Monitor your child's comfort - not too hot, and not too cold.


Get a warning if your child leaves the car seat, so you can be sure your child stays safely seated.


Make sure everyone is safely out of the car when you get where you're going.

“No matter how unlikely it is that an emergency will happen, the peace of mind is completely worth it.”

Laura Sky Brown, JeanKnowsCars.com

No one imagines they’d let the unthinkable happen to their child. But with more than 177,000 children injured in cars every year, it never hurts to be safe. That’s why we created Driver’s Little Helper – to keep your most precious cargo safe and comfortable so you can drive with confidence knowing your child is protected. 

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