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Making Good Choices

We approve when our kids reach for a healthy snack, share generously with others or complete their homework without complaint. They’re making good choices, something that we’re (hopefully) raising them to do, and it’s easy to feel good about that. But, if good choices are obvious when others make them, why is it so hard to be confident about the right choices to make as parents?

Even before our kids are born, there’s pressure to raise them “the right way.” Who knows what that way is – everyone has their own opinion. And every parent has to find the way that works for their family.

We don’t have to feed our kids the same food, or have the same sleep habits, choose the same schools or pick the same car seat to share the same goal. As parents, the one thing we can agree on is the need to keep our children safe.

It’s this goal that inspired us to create Driver’s Little Helper car seat monitor. It’s no question that car seat safety is a good choice. No matter what kind of car you drive, how many kids you have or how far you have to go, Driver’s Little Helper can help you get there safely. And choosing safety is something we can all feel good about.