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Moosylvania Steers Our Marketing

After founders Bob Steffen and Bob Glarner spent four years perfecting the technology of our car seat safety product, Driver’s Little Helper, it was time to get our branding and marketing in gear. That’s when we turned to long-time friend of ‘the Bobs’, Nick Foppe, the President and Managing Partner of Moosylvania.

A digital marketing agency founded in 2003, Moosylvania is known for connecting brands with people digitally in a world that changes every day. Their expertise lies in branding, packaging, social media, strategy and design.

We were grateful for the partnership because we know that Nick doesn’t offer Moosylvania’s marketing services to just any entrepreneurs. In 2012, after recognizing the many opportunities for start-up partnerships, he founded Moose Antlerprises, Moosylvania’s entrepreneurial division.

Nick described Antlerprises as an incubator where he and his team are able to focus their entrepreneurial spirit. “Through Antlerprises we’ve been able to do for Driver’s Little Helper what Moosylvania does for all of our national brands,” Nick told us.

Nick also said he needs to feel a real connection to the product’s purpose, and he wants his employees to feel passionate about each product they work on as well.

“There are a lot of parents who work here at Moosylvania and Driver’s Little Helper is a great product that could help any one of them,” he mentioned.

Once the partnership was in place, we worked with Moosylvania to come up with our name, fresh and friendly packaging, a children’s storybook that tells the tale of Ryder, the little boy who rides in his Driver’s Little Helper car seat, and of course, a brand new digital presence. Moosylvania not only created a user-friendly website for us, but also launched various social media platforms and manages the community of Driver’s Little Helper fans.

“I think what we’ve done here is removed the intimidation factor that often comes with technology and created a product that parents can feel good about using. Everything about the name, the packaging, the storybook and the website just makes you feel good,” Nick told us. “I know it’s going to help a lot of parents and children.”

Thanks, Nick! We know it will, too.