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A Peek Inside the Technology of Driver’s Little Helper

When we were developing Driver’s Little Helper, our goal was to create a product that not only keeps children safe, but also is uncomplicated and stress-free for parents. That’s why we want to take you inside the technology of Driver’s Little Helper and show you how simple and straightforward it is – just one app and one monitor designed to keep your little one safe. 

We sat down with our developer, Joe Madden, to bring you the inside info about the technology behind Driver’s Little Helper. Here’s what he said:

DLH: How does the technology work?
JM: The monitor utilizes three things: a pressure sensor to determine if the child is in the seat or not, an accelerometer to determine if the car is moving or not and lastly, a temperature sensor to determine if the child is too hot or cold.

The app utilizes the phone’s Bluetooth sensors to talk to the hardware in the monitor and reports the various states of activity back to the app – whether the car is moving, if the child is in the seat and the temperature of the car.

DLH: Is there anything unique about this technology?
JM: We’re using tried and true sensors that have been around for years. They’re used in hundreds of thousands of products today. For example many phones nowadays have an accelerometer. When you shake your phone to delete a typed text message, that’s using an accelerometer. If you’re playing a driving game on your phone, and you use your phone to steer, that’s using an accelerometer too.

So what we’re doing with Driver’s Little Helper is using technology that has been tested for years but in a new and unique way.

DLH: Is the app safe to use while driving?
JM: The great part about the app is that it runs in the background so you don’t have to leave it open on your phone while you’re driving. If there were a situation where an alert goes off, it would alert you like any other notification on your phone. You’d be able to hear the alert and know right away if you needed to pull over.

DLH: Does this technology interfere with the safety requirements of a car seat?
JM: Unlike other products on the market, Driver’s Little Helper ensures that the safety integrity of the car seat is not compromised because the monitor can be placed in a way that doesn’t affect any of the harnessing capabilities of the car seat. It also ensures compatibility with the largest amount of car seats out there because Driver’s Little Helper sensor pads are designed for both infants and toddlers.

Now that you’re up to speed on the technology behind Driver’s Little Helper, find out how it works.