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Holiday Travel Safety

Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold

With the holidays fast approaching, a lot of family road trips may be coming up. There will always be some Griswold family moments but there are a few things you can do to make your trip(s) go as smoothly as possible. 

1.) Safety First! Make sure your car tires and fluids are ready to hit the road. Make sure your car seat is secure and your Driver's Little Helper is ready to go😉 ! Check the weather and pack a few extra supplies in case of a delay.

2.) Try to avoid rush hour. If you don't like sitting in traffic on your way to work, you really won't like it on your way to vacation. Plan your driving to avoid populated areas during rush hour.

3.) Streeeeeetch! For every two hours on the road, kids need about 15-30 minutes of time to walk around and stretch out a bit. Bring a ball to throw around or frisbee to help get everyone moving at rest stops. That way no one will go stir-crazy and you won't have to turn that car around!

4.) Entertainment. Bring plenty of in-car activities for the ride. You should considering getting a small surprise gift for kids that will keep everyone excited about the drive too. When you see that you're starting to lose the patience of some of your passengers, bust out a little game or toy that they don't expect. It will be worth every penny!

5.) Plan a recovery day. If you can, give yourself a break between a long road trip and a lot of holiday stress before you go back to work. Take a day to Treat Yo Self!