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About Us

As parents, we know families are so often on the go – we drive to work and school, manage activities, run errands and visit loved ones. We also know that car seat safety has become increasingly important. That’s why we created Driver’s Little Helper car seat monitor.

One of our founders, Bob Steffen, experienced the challenges of family travel firsthand, as his child would often wiggle out of his car seat as a toddler.

He realized that circumstances like these could easily create a dangerous situation, but that the solution could be just as easy.

That’s when Bob partnered with his long-time friend and Ford engineer Greg Schoenberg to develop a car seat monitor that would help parents keep their children safe.

By alerting parents when children escape their seats, when they get too hot or too cold, and even when it’s time to get out of the car, Driver’s Little Helper car seat monitors ensure that kids can travel in comfort while parents drive with confidence.