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Will the Car Seat Monitor app work with my phone?

The Driver’s Little Helper app is compatible with phones made in 2012 or later running on Android 4.3+ or iOS 7.1+ operating systems.

Will the Car Seat Monitor work with my car seat?


Does my child have to be a certain age or weight for the Car Seat Monitor to work?

The Car Seat Monitor works for children who weigh 5 lbs or more.

Can I use the Car Seat Monitor and my car’s Bluetooth phone system at the same time?


Can I customize the times my Car Seat Monitor to send alerts?

Yes. Both text and email.

Can I run multiple Car Seat Monitors on my phone simultaneously?

Yes. Currently due to limitation of phone operating systems the Car Seat Monitor app is limited to tracking three seats at a time.

Do I need to update my Car Seat Monitor over the years?

The Car Seat Monitor app will update automatically, you should replace the sensor pad every year to ensure proper monitor function.

My Car Seat Monitor is beeping when I place my child in the car, what does this mean?

When the monitor beeps, it is letting you know that the monitor is active and a child is in the seat, but the monitor is not currently connected to your phone. Simply open the Car Seat Monitor app and connect to your seat monitor and you will receive a confirmation once connected.

What types of alerts does the Car Seat Monitor app send?

Currently there are three types of alerts that a user may receive on their Car Seat Monitor App.

  1. Child is out of seat alert: If your child gets out of their seat, you get a message. Allowing you time to pull over and put them back in their seat before someone crashes into you.
  2. Child left in car alert: Your Car Seat Monitor will message you if your child in their seat and the car is no longer moving.
  3. Bluetooth Connection Alert: Should the connection drop between your phone and the monitor, you will receive an alert to let you know your no longer connected. Note the app should automatically attempt to reconnect.    
  4. Temperature: The Car Seat Monitor tells the temperature in the back seat.                                                                                                                
Why won't my phone connect to my Car Seat Monitor?

Make sure that the monitor is turned on, simply press on the sensor pad. You will hear the device beep once to indicate that the monitor is on. At this point, open the app and click on the ‘add car seat’ button to connect your phone to your monitor. If you’re using an iOS device, keep in mind, each time you get in the car, your phone must be unlocked, and the app must be either open or running in the background to connect automatically.

My Phone will only connect to one of my monitors and won't connect to the other - what do i do?

When your phone only connects to one monitor initially, simply click the ‘add car seat’ button in the app. This will tell the app to continue to search for other seats, and your phone should find and connect to an additional monitor.

How often should I replace the batteries in my Driver's Little Helper battery pack?

We recommend replacing the batteries, every six months like a smoke detector. However, the app will indicate when battery is low.

How long will my Driver's Little Helper last?

We recommend that you use Driver’s Little Helper as long as your child uses a car seat or booster seat and replace the sensor pad yearly to ensure proper monitor function. 

What if my Driver’s Little Helper car seat monitor isn’t functioning properly?

Contact us. We’re happy to walk you through installation and use.